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Latest News

New songs!  Rhys and I have just finished a brand new track - entitled 'Realms' - and it's FREE for you to download on the left. We've also decided to give you a preview of another new track: 'A Plague Of Focus (demo)'. You can hear it on the player above or on the Sourhaze MySpace page.

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Second Leaf
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Bathed In Blue
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A few promo shots

Sourhaze is me - Elliot Jay Stocks - with a few of my friends occasionally helping along the way.

I released my electronic-metal debut 'bathed In Blue' in 2001, and the more experimental 'Second Leaf' in 2006. Besides these 'proper' albums, I've also composed two soundtracks (see the discography).

For Christmas, my girlfriend got an amazing blender. It blends everything. Now, imagine taking that blender and adding three scoops of latter-day Nine Inch Nails, two dollops of Vast, a light sprinkling of Isis, and some finely chopped Smashing Pumpkins. Then simply add some mixed herbs consisting of Faith No More, Massive Attack, and Fennesz. The end result? A Sourhaze-flavoured smoothie.

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Oh, I almost forgot...

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News Archive


New songs!

That's right: Rhys and I have just finished a brand new track, entitled 'Realms'. It's a big step forward from previous Sourhaze music, and draws on some of the more ambient, experimental moods from Second Leaf. It's entirely instrumental, and like much of the new stuff we're working on, features the eastern instruments mbira and rebab. Oh, and lots of glitches! The song is free to download, so help yourselves!

And if that wasn't enough for you, we'd like to introduce the DEMO version of 'A Plague Of Focus', a track we're currently still mixing. Like 'Realms', the finished version will be appearing on the forthcoming new EP. You can hear it on the player above or on the Sourhaze MySpace page.


New year sale & brand new site

To see in 2007, the prices on all Sourhaze CDs have been dropped, so you can pick up 'Second Leaf' at just £4.99 and 'Bathed In Blue' at £3.99. Unfortunately I can't drop either albums' iTunes price of £7.99, so I'd advise you to buy the CD, unless you need them in straight away!

2007 also sees a new site, and we're fittingly up to version 7, so you may even see a new site appearing at the start of each year. I've decided to keep things simple (one page only, no pop-ups, and only a tiny bit of Flash), and in these days of MySpace, there seems little point in mirroring everything, so head over to myspace.com/sourhaze for more images and the like. But this is the place to come if you want FREE downloads! If you haven't checked them out yet, click here.



Second Leaf released today

After almost 5 years since 'Bathed In Blue', I'm pleased to finally announce the release of 'Second Leaf', the brand new album. It's out today, available on CD and from iTunes. You can listen to the album in full on the new audio player, so please feel free to leave comments on the Sourhaze mySpace page. I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Oh, and you may have noticed that there's a new website!



Album release date

It's been a while since an update. My apologies - this was due to a month-long trip around Europe from which I've only just returned. But I've returned with some very important news! That is...

'Second Leaf', the second Sourhaze album, will be officially released on MONDAY 26TH JUNE. The album will be available in CD format direct from sourhaze.com or in download format via the iTunes Music Store (as well as several other digital music services).

Expect to see more info on the site in the coming week.

Please note: on the same day, Undergroove Records will be releasing the second Twin Zero album 'The Tomb To Every Hope', which features a track remixed by Sourhaze.



Twinzero remix details

Pre-order here

Ok, it's official - the remix I've done for Twinzero has now been confirmed as the first track on the second CD of their new album 'The Tomb To Every Hope', which is released by Undergroove Records on 26th June.

You can order the album here.

My remix, entitled 'Monolith (Drone)' is an 11-minute ambient piece based around the epic title track from their debut album. It's joined by three other remixes by Princess, Reuben Gotto of Twinzero, and Ayal Naor of 27.

Reuben from Twinzero makes an appearance on the forthcoming Sourhaze album 'Second Leaf', which you can preview here.



Tracklisting confirmed

'Second Leaf' has now been mastered and it's with great pleasure that I can now reveal the tracklisting. The last 3 years has seen several 'announcements' regarding the release of this album and I apologise for the false alarms; this, however, is 100% confirmed and will not be changing!

01. the fire inside : alight
02. a whisper of echoes, part 1
03. absence without ease
04. theomachy
05. memorial blues
06. a whisper of echoes, part 2
07. the fire inside : consuming
08. corbett wood
09. stay with me (memorial blues, version)
10. (prelude to) the fall
11. a whisper of echoes, part 3
12. the fall

And there you have it! If you haven't already heard the tracks currently being previewed on mySpace, head over there now - you can download memorial blues for free!

We will shortly be uploading some more new tracks for you to preview on the mySpace page, and we'll also be revealing the album artwork, so keep checking back. If you'd like to sign up to the Sourhaze mailing list and be kept up to date with all this stuff, just click here.



New music

This weekend, Neil and I had our penultimate mastering session - during which we completed the mastering for 'part one' of the album - and I'm pleased to present the fruits of our labour! I've uploaded 3 new songs to mySpace: 'Absence Without Ease', 'Theomachy', and 'Memorial Blues'. This version of 'Memorial Blues' is slightly different from the one we released for download a few weeks ago, as it's now been subtley remixed and 100% mastered. However, as with the previous version, this track is available for you to download for free. In two weeks' time, when we've completed the final mastering session, I'll be uploading some more new music and confirming the album's tracklisting.



Sourhaze on the new Twinzero album

The fact that we were doing a remix for our friends Twinzero was announced long ago, but we can now happily confirm that the aforementioned remix is going to appear on their forthcoming new album, due for release on Undergroove in April! Without wanting to give away too many details, we'll just say that the remix (an ambient, 11-minute, feeback-laden, droning monster of a track) is being given a very prominent spot on the record. :o)



Brand new remix on mySpace

Neil (from Mandala) has made a fairly heavy contribution to the new Sourhaze record, and it's just got heavier! (And did we mention filthier, more dissonant, distorted, and nastier?!?) Neil's taking the new tracks we've recorded and - at my request - utterly destroying them! If you'd like to hear the first of these remixes, 'Stay With Me (Memorial Blues, version)' is currently playing as track 01 on the Sourhaze mySpace page - check it out!



Download 'Memorial Blues' for free

We're pretty excited about the new Sourhaze record (more details soon) so we've decided to give everyone a taster of what's to come. We'll be previewing all of the new songs on mySpace once it's mastered, but to say thanks for your continued patince, you can download the first finished song - Memorial Blues - in its entirety completely free of charge. Just click the 'download' button next to the song on our mySpace audio player.



New album coming VERY soon

Yes, I know - it's been promise after promise after promise. But the new album is SO close to being finished. The recording has been completely finished; we're now just sorting out the final mixes. We'll be mastering it at the end of this month and the beginning of Feb, and once that's done, it's just a case of doing the artwork and getting the whole thing printed. Obviously we'll keep you posted here and on the Sourhaze mySpace page, but let's just say that we're looking at a March release. :o) Thanks so much for your patience!


New photo shoot

Happy New Year! 2006 is looking like a really exciting year, and amongst the recording sessions and excessive Christmas munching, Samnatha and I found time to do a brand new Sourhaze photo shoot! Check it out on the Sourhaze mySpace page!

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